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Cooby-Dachshund Dog Bed

Cooby-Dachshund Dog Bed

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The Cooby-Dachshund Dog Bed is a spacious bed that gives your pet plenty of room to sprawl out on for a cozy slumber. The flat surface makes it easy for any pet to get on or hop off, which is great for puppies and seniors. This amazing bed has a soft, textured plush sleeping area and fashionable border with white jacquard around the edges. This modern style adds a beautiful touch to any home, and it’s sure to complement your existing room décor. This large bed is a perfect match for all sizes, including smaller pups who love extra room and bigger pups that need all that space for complete comfort. The removable cover is machine washable, so you can keep it clean and fresh for snoozing.


  • Extremely cozy and soft, giving your pet the ultimate slumber spot at any time of day.
  • Modern design with a solid black color and dachshund pattern
  • Square-shaped pet bed with a flat surface that gives your pup plenty of room to sprawl out
  • Removable cover is machine washable for easy cleaning and care, even if your pet climbs on with dirty paws or wet fur.
  • Material: PP Cotton

S: 50x35x10cm
M: 60x40x10cm
L: 70x50x12cm


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