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Funny Banana Bed For Dachshunds

Funny Banana Bed For Dachshunds

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Funny Banana Bed For Dachshunds is a comfortable dachshund bed that looks like a peelable banana on the outside, but it is actually a cave dog bed that offers your pooch a private and a cozy place where they will have privacy and feel safe and serene. Filled with soft fluff with elastic sponge it creates a comfortable and the best deep sleep environment where your pup will feel fully relaxed. This cute banana dachshund bed fits perfectly with any interior style. 

Size: Length*Width*Height


40*15*10cm / 15.5*6*4in

S for dogs under 3 lbs / 1.3kg

55*20*15cm / 21.5*7.9*6in

M for 3-5.5 lbs / 1 .5-2.5kg

65*25*18cm / 25.5*9.8*7in

L for 5.5-11 lbs / 2.5-5kg

90*30*20cm / 35.5*11.8*7.9in

XL for 11-44 lbs/ 5-19kg

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